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Ronnesha B. - Stockton, CA - 11/6/2012

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Finally made it here to leave a comment. I had my whole house cleaned about a couple months ago. Long story short! They were on time. I scheduled a time and I made it home early than planned. Gave them a call to let them know and they were there in 15 minutes. They came in and handled business. Carpet dried very quickly. Noticed the next day it was kind of rough feeling on the feet. I just put a little powder down and vaccum and that loosen up the carpet from feeling so rough. I have their card on the frig and I most definitely plan to use them again and again. Carpet still looks good and stains are gone. I highly recommend Heaven’s Best.

Skye J - Stockton, CA - 12/15/2012

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Yup another 5 stars! Had living room and dinning area cleaned yesterday. They arrived on time, price was VERY reasonable, and after it dried it was not stiff/hard. Waking up to it this morning was like having brand new carpet!!!

James B. - Livermore, CA - 5/1/2012

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I dropped a quart of salsa on the carpet in my office, and tried to clean it up with little success. The stain sat a couple days while I searched for a cleaner, and found Heaven’s Best. The rep showed up as scheduled, and within 10 minutes the stain was completely gone! And this was some gnarly salsa! Needless to say, I was impressed.

A short while later I needed to have the carpets cleaned in my apartment. Of course I thought of Heaven’s Best because they are effective, fast, courteous, and priced right.  This time I was doubly impressed because they were available the same day! Within a couple hours after I made the phone call I had clean carpets in my apartment, that were dry and I could walk on! I’m not saying they are always available for same day appointments, I don’t know if they are, but I lucked out that day if they aren’t!

They will definitely get my business again!

Jay S. - Bay Area - 8/8/2008

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OMFG!!! I walked in the house last night and I could have sworn that we got new carpet! We’ve used many different companies and never have our carpets been so clean. Our carpets are a light color and with 3 kids (well 4 if you count my b/f…LOL) and 2 dogs, our carpets can get pretty nasty. I’m not sure what they use since I wasn’t home why they did it, but it dries in an hour. No more waiting half the day for your carpets to dry.

I found Emily S.’ review and decided to give them a try and I am so glad that I did! We will never use a different company again. Thanks Emily! You rock =)

Jonathan S. - Stockton, CA - 3/8/2012

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I know, another five star, right? Well, it’s true.  The last few times I had my carpets done I used whatever coupon was in the penny saver. The stains came back and it took all afternoon to dry.

The extra 15 dollars I paid for Heaven’s Best was the best $15 I spent in years.  Very friendly, very fast, and a fantastic job.  Carpets felt dry almost right away, were completely dry an hour later.  Highly recommended.

M.P. - Stockton, CA - 3/21/2009

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My carpet is light, cream to be exact (not my choice) and after an unfortunate encounter with a messy roommate who left me high and dry (before her living agreement obligation had expired.for a new bf of 3months no less)..the carpet HAD to be cleaned!.

The ho was messy! and left one of 3 beloved bedrooms in my house a hot mess!…before this poor room could transform into my office/guest room…its was in need of a SERIOUS wipe down!

The owner came to do the job. He was in and out in no time. He was courteous and left the carpet in great shape! It dried very quickly and he left us with a free bottle of spot remover, some magnets and a great little calendar that now resides on my fridge.

I will definitely use he services again. (one room was about $65 i think, and well worth it!)

Emily S. - Stockton, CA - 9/1/2006

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This is actually a carpet cleaner.  And they are the ONLY business that I will use.  It is comparable to Chem Dry… but much better.  The owner is very friendly and usually is the one that shows up to clean the carpet.  They are the absolute best… considering that my carpet is very light and have a messy husband and a dog.

B.Z. - Stockton, CA - 5/20/2008

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They cleaned my whole house the other day and it was great. They did a really good job and it was really fast. It dried really fast too. Affordable and happy with the results.